Staples in Slow Fashion

“The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity.
-Alexander McQueen


For those of us who want to embrace slow fashion and lean closet, here is a  check list of essentials to start building  your wardrobe.




I would prefer to have three high quality basic t-shirts which I can wear until they fall apart.T-shirts and tanks in white,gray & black. I personally like Madewell Tees, if you want to go for a high end tee Acne studios make really good ones.






A silk blouse, a white button up shirt, breton stripe shirt  and a cashmere sweater . Everlane makes a really nice silk blouses. I personally love Equipment blouses.




A crisp white shirt brings a sophisticated feel to the outfit . Rochelle Behrens makes beautiful button up shirts, if you are ready for a splurge I recommend AnneFontaine’s Larry Blouse. Breton stripe shirt is considered a neutral as it goes with any outfit .SaintJames sailor shirts are the best, but you can buy at ME&EMas well.



 My favorite top is a cashmere sweater. Reformation is making beautiful cashmere sweaters under $100. To  indulge in luxury, the knitwear I would go for is  Isabel Marant sweaters.





Fit is your friend when is comes to bottoms.Try to invest in pants which are in style not the ones which are trending. The staples would be a pair of skinny,cigarette and boyfriend jeans which are above your ankles(not capris & culottes).The same goes for tailored pants.  Frame DenimPaige, and Citizens of Humanity comes to my mind when speaking of denim. A pair of dress pants makes your outfit look chic.  Avenue Montaigne makes beautiful pants which suits all shapes and sizes.





A dress makes a woman look feminine. Its a must have in every woman’s closet.When Vogue published Coco Chanel’s little black dress in 1926 it was called “Chanel’s Ford” as it was accessible to every class. Its elegance still prevails. Navy is also another option.



Jackets :


A denim jacket is a must for those warm sunny days and cold evenings.
A leather jacket is versatile. Its perfect for work,happy hours and weekends. IRO is a classic .A well tailored blazer gives you a polished look. Theory does great blazers so does Topshop. Choose  colors which work well with  your skin tone and climate.



to be continued…….
Staples in Slow Fashion

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